Adeyemo Shokunbi Honored with the 2023 OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship

Adeyemo Shokunbi Awarded 2023 OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship

In a momentous occasion, Adeyemo Shokunbi, the distinguished Nigerian architect and Co-Founder of Patrick Waheed Design Consultancy, has been named one of the esteemed recipients of the prestigious OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship for the year 2023. This remarkable accolade stands as a testament to Shokunbi’s profound contributions to the field of architecture and his unwavering dedication to the advancement of architectural education. The OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship program, renowned for its commitment to bridging the chasm between professional architectural practice and academia, has chosen Shokunbi as an exemplar of architectural excellence.

As the co-founder of Patrick Waheed Design Consultancy and Cell Head of the renowned CIA Lagos, Adeyemo Shokunbi has been at the vanguard of pioneering architectural concepts and innovative design solutions. His remarkable portfolio is a reflection of his vision, spanning an array of iconic structures that harmonize aesthetics with functionality.

In a bid to elevate architectural education to new heights, Adeyemo Shokunbi, under the aegis of the OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship, will take up the mantle of responsibility for guiding aspiring architects. Shokunbi will be at the helm of a unique educational endeavor as he imparts his invaluable wisdom and experience in the form of a two-semester course titled: “New Alternative Nigerian Architecture: Responsive and Appropriate Contemporary Design for the Tropics.” This transformative course, to be conducted at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, will lay emphasis on fostering critical design thinking, climate responsiveness, and cultural appropriateness within the realm of architecture.

The choice of course title itself mirrors Shokunbi’s vision and his commitment to aligning architectural design with the environment and culture of Nigeria. The course promises to be a beacon for budding architects, offering a holistic education that transcends mere design aesthetics to embrace sustainable and contextually fitting architectural solutions. This initiative symbolizes a pivotal step towards harmonizing the dynamism of modern architecture with Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage and environmental needs.

The OBEL AWARD Teaching Fellowship, lauded for its unceasing quest to connect architects with academia, recognizes the transformative power of Adeyemo Shokunbi’s approach to architectural education. This endeavor not only enriches the educational landscape but also augments the architectural identity of Nigeria and beyond.

As we eagerly await the commencement of this pioneering educational journey, Adeyemo Shokunbi stands poised to inspire a new generation of architects, architects who will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the world, much like the luminary himself.

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