British-Ghanaian Artist and Filmmaker Larry Achiampong Nominated for 2024 Jarman Film Award


British-Ghanaian artist and filmmaker Larry Achiampong has been nominated for the prestigious 2024 Jarman Film Award. Achiampong, celebrated for his innovative approach to filmmaking, is joined by Sin-Wai-Kin among the distinguished nominees for this year’s accolade.

The Jarman Award, named in honor of the radical English filmmaker Derek Jarman, has been recognizing and rewarding experimental and groundbreaking approaches to filmmaking since 2008. The winner of the £10,000 prize will be announced in late November in London.

Presented by Film London and Channel 4, in association with Whitechapel Gallery, the annual award has a history of spotlighting rising artists who later achieve significant acclaim, including Turner Prize finalists and winners such as Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Duncan Campbell, and Luke Fowler.

This year’s shortlist includes six exceptional artist filmmakers: Larry Achiampong, Maeve Brennan, Melanie Manchot, Rosalind Nashashibi, Sin Wai Kin, and Maryam Tafakory. Each nominee has been recognized for their unique perspectives on topics ranging from migration and censorship to crime, gender, and family relationships. In the months leading up to the announcement, the nominees’ works will be showcased in cultural institutions across the UK, offering audiences a chance to engage with these thought-provoking films.

Last year’s award was presented to London-based artist Rehana Zaman for her short film Everything Worthwhile is Done With Other People (2023), which emerged from workshops and conversations with women of color affected by the carceral state.

Adrian Wootton OBE, Chief Executive of Film London, remarked, “This year marks the 20th anniversary of Film London. The Film London Jarman Award is central to our support of artist filmmakers, celebrating a spirit of experimentation and imagination.”

The shortlisted artists for the 2024 Film London Jarman Award are:

  • Larry Achiampong
  • Maeve Brennan
  • Melanie Manchot
  • Rosalind Nashashibi
  • Sin Wai Kin
  • Maryam Tafakory

The Jarman Award continues to be a significant platform for emerging and established artists who challenge the boundaries of filmmaking, celebrating innovation and artistic expression.

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