Design Partnership Unveils Revamped DStv Walk-in Centre in Randburg, South Africa

DSTV Solutions center

International architecture studio, Design Partnership, has transformed the DStv Walk-in Centre in Randburg into a state-of-the-art facility, showcasing futuristic retail concepts for the iconic South African brand.

In a groundbreaking reveal, Design Partnership has shared a series of stunning images on their Instagram page, giving the public a glimpse into the redesigned DStv Walk-in Centre in Randburg. The objective behind the upgrade was clear: to create an environment that caters comprehensively to every stage of the customer journey, providing unique support from consideration and exploration to sign-up, usage, resolution, and advocacy.

One of the center’s standout features is the Solutions Bar, staffed by knowledgeable DStv experts, where quick query resolutions take place amidst compelling graphics that support the sale of content packages, hardware, and accessories. The space is designed to streamline the customer experience, offering efficient solutions to queries and enhancing customer satisfaction.

The prominent big screen broadcasting live content and content lounge displays create comfortable areas for customers to view on various devices. Hardware tables provide an open and accessible display of hardware elements, facilitating easy model comparisons and informed decision-making for customers.

The redesigned center introduces additional touchpoints, including semi-private customer service counters designed to be inclusive for differently-abled individuals. The DStv Xpress Pass counters aim to provide efficient assistance at preferred times, ensuring a seamless experience for all visitors.

Experience pods within the center offer discreet spaces with content tailored to specific interests, catering to a diverse audience with sections dedicated to sports, local, and international movie content. The inclusion of sign-up booths provides private spaces for consultations and facilitates hassle-free subscriptions for new customers.

Design Partnership’s successful revitalization of the DStv Walk-in Centre in Randburg has created a modern and customer-friendly environment. From the Solutions Bar to the Experience Pods, the redesign reflects a forward-thinking approach, welcoming both new subscribers and active customers. The center stands as a testament to the studio’s commitment to innovation and excellence in architectural design, setting a new standard for retail spaces in South Africa.

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