Experience Womanhood Revealed: “Detugbi – Through My Eyes” Art Exhibition


Come on a journey that travels through time, culture, and what people expect at the upcoming exhibition, “Detugbi – Through My Eyes,” by the artist Ernestina Djarnie-Sunu, known as Efemor. This ground-breaking exhibition, co-curated by Amanda Elizabeth Amenu and Naa Bulley, is set to take place on March 24th, 2024, at the Stoneview Events Center in East Legon. It promises a profound exploration of the multifaceted stages of a woman’s life.

“Detugbi” means “Young Woman” in the Ewe language from Ghana, showing the artist’s culture. Through twelve paintings, Efemor shows five important stages of a woman’s life, and invites you to think and talk about them.

The exhibition’s focal point lies in five powerful pieces, each addressing pivotal moments in a woman’s life:

1. What Will Baby Be?

   It shows the close bond between a mother and her daughter, and the worries the mother has about her daughter’s future in a world where people expect a lot from her.

2. Forced to Cope

   This painting talks about how women have to deal with not having enough money. It shows women using traditional cloth because they can’t afford other things they need.

3. At War With Time

   This painting talks about how women feel like they have to fight against time and what society thinks about them as they get older.

4. Limitless

   This painting celebrates women who don’t listen to what people say they should do, and do whatever they want instead.

5. Witch or Wise?

   It shows an older woman who worries about what people think of her because of her age and wealth.

These evocative paintings serve as mirrors to the diverse experiences shared by countless women worldwide. Whether you have personally encountered these stages or are intrigued by the narratives they unveil, “Detugbi – Through My Eyes” promises to provoke thought, inspire conversation, and celebrate the resilience and strength inherent in womanhood.

About the Artist

Ernestina Djarnie-Sunu, brush name “Efemor,” is a Ghanaian artist specializing in figurative and mixed media art in acrylics. She offers a distinctive perspective on Ghanaian culture from a feminine standpoint.

 Efemor skillfully employs vibrant colors, diverse textures, and dynamic forms to convey her interpretation of womanhood, identity, and femininity within the Ghanaian context. She draws inspiration from her faith, Ghanaian culture, and personal encounters to create captivating art pieces.

She also plays a dual role as an art studio manager and instructor at Wine and Art Studio (Sip and Paint Studio), located in East Legon, Accra, Ghana. While visitors engage in painting for entertainment and relaxation, they also gain valuable insights from her as an artist, enriching Ghana’s creative ecosystem

Efemor developed an appreciation for art at a young age, by observing her father’s oil painting hobby. Her artworks have been enriched over the years with intricate textures using repurposed fabrics, beads, and other materials. Efemor dedicates herself to illuminating the narratives of her culture through her paintings.

Join Efemor on March 24th, 2024, from 2 PM to 8 PM, at the Stoneview Events Center in East Legon, as she celebrate Women’s Month with this exceptional exhibition. Tickets are available for GHC20 and can be purchased through Aya Tickets via *365*88*291# or online at https://ayatickets.com/en/event/detugbui-through-my-eyes.

Experience the beauty, complexity, and resilience of womanhood like never before. Don’t miss your chance to witness “Detugbi – Through My Eyes,” where every brushstroke tells a story, and every gaze offers a glimpse into the soul of womanhood.

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