Ghanaian Artist Kwesi Botchway to Launch WorldFaze: An Art Studio and Residency in Accra

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A remarkable addition to Accra’s vibrant art scene is set to be unveiled this Sunday, as Ghanaian artist Kwesi Botchway introduces WorldFaze, an art studio and residency. The establishment, nestled in the heart of Ogbojo, boasts a contemporary design that is set to become a haven for exhibitions, workshops, and artists’ residencies, with a primary focus on fostering professional growth, artistic collaboration, and interdisciplinary exploration.

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Kwesi Botchway, celebrated for his own creative achievements, is the visionary behind this endeavor. With a deep-rooted aspiration to create a nurturing environment where artists could come together to share, learn, and amplify their creative potentials, Botchway’s dedication is evident in every detail of WorldFaze’s design.

“WorldFaze was born out of a desire to build a sanctuary for individuals to freely express themselves and nurture their artistic talents,” expressed Kwesi Botchway.

The official launch of WorldFaze is scheduled for this Sunday, August 20, 2023, with an inaugural exhibition featuring the works of resident artists Daniel Nartey Tetteh and Jephthah Aikins Bentsil-Kobiah. Both artists have been engaged in a three-month residency within the studio’s confines, which has served as an incubator for their creativity and innovation.

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Daniel Tetteh. Image courtesy of WorldFaze

Daniel Tetteh Nartey, the first resident artist, is a versatile creator who explores the intricate relationship between art and the human body. His use of canvas and paint prompts viewers to contemplate the role various body parts play in both human mobility and societal cohesion.

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Jepthah Aikins Bentsil-Kobiah. Image courtesy of WorldFaze

Jephthah Aikins Bentsil-Kobiah, the second resident artist, is known for his captivating canvases that burst with vibrant colors, inspired by his immediate surroundings. His art engages with sociopolitical issues, addressing disparities and narratives surrounding African experiences, including the struggles of those seeking a better life beyond their borders.

The studio has been gaining significant attention from the artistic community, welcoming artists, curators, collectors, writers, and art enthusiasts eager to explore the budding talents nurtured within its walls. The studio’s pivotal role in fostering creativity and building a sense of community is further underscored by Kwesi Botchway’s own commitment to mentoring and guiding emerging talents.

WorldFaze aims to contribute to the art ecosystem in Ghana and beyond, bridging the gap between established artists and up-and-coming creators. By offering a platform for artistic growth, experimentation, and collaboration, the studio aspires to shape the trajectory of the continent’s cultural landscape.

As WorldFaze takes its first steps into the art world, it is poised to become a vital pillar in the city’s artistic tapestry. With Kwesi Botchway’s guiding hand and the passion of resident artists, this creative haven is set to leave an indelible mark on Ghana’s flourishing art scene.

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