Goodman Gallery Announces Representation of Ghanaian Painter Atta Kwami Estate

Portrait of Atta Kwami by Josh Jones. Courtesy of Modern Painters, New Decorators.

Goodman Gallery, in collaboration with London’s Beardsmore Gallery, has revealed its latest endeavor: the representation of the estate of the late Ghanaian painter Atta Kwami. Kwami, who passed away in 2021, left behind a legacy that continues to captivate audiences with its vibrant and geometric abstractions.

Born in 1956, Kwami’s artistic journey traversed continents, as he split his time between the United Kingdom and his homeland of Ghana. His work, characterized by colorful geometric forms inspired by Ghanaian architecture and textile traditions, earned him international acclaim and prestigious honors, including the posthumous award of the Maria Lassnig Prize in 2021.

Goodman Gallery’s announcement coincides with the revelation of a new solo exhibition slated to grace its Cork Street location in London this May. This exhibition promises to be a retrospective journey through Kwami’s oeuvre, showcasing paintings from 1999 to 2019. Among the highlights will be Kwami’s iconic “Kiosk” structures, reminiscent of the improvised street art prevalent in Ghana.

The exhibition aims to illuminate the diverse influences that shaped Kwami’s artistic vision, from the intricate patterns of Ewe and Asante Kente cloth to the vibrant murals adorning Ghanaian streets. Kwami’s nomadic spirit and extensive travels across the African continent further enriched his artistic palette, infusing his work with a kaleidoscope of cultural motifs and rhythmic influences.

In conjunction with the exhibition, a monograph co-published by Serpentine and The Maria Lassnig Foundation will provide a comprehensive exploration of Kwami’s singular artistic journey. This publication marks a significant milestone, offering readers and art enthusiasts an in-depth understanding of Kwami’s profound impact on the contemporary art scene.

Goodman Gallery’s decision to represent the Atta Kwami estate underscores its commitment to showcasing diverse voices and narratives within the art world. Through this partnership, Kwami’s legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide, bridging cultures and celebrating the rich tapestry of African artistry.

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