Goodman Gallery Announces Representation of Kenyan Artist Chemu Ng’ok

Chemu Ngok

Renowned art institution, Goodman Gallery, proudly announced its representation of the talented Kenyan artist, Chemu Ng’ok (born in 1989), in a recent statement. Ng’ok’s captivating paintings and drawings depict abstracted figures and figurative forms intricately woven into a network of linework. Her art delves into the physical, psychological, and political dimensions of the human body, unraveling the complexities of human interaction, spatial occupation, and existence itself.

Liza Essers, the Owner and Director of Goodman Gallery, expressed her excitement about representing Chemu after eight years of engaging in meaningful conversations with the artist. Essers commended Ng’ok’s exquisite process-based paintings, highlighting their deeply intuitive approach to the bodily nature of mark-making. Essers views Chemu Ng’ok as one of the emerging, vital artists of the current generation.

Ng’ok, a Nairobi native, earned her MFA at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, in 2017. Her inclusion in the “2018 Triennial: Songs for Sabotage” at the New Museum in New York marked a significant milestone in her career. Ng’ok has been on an upward trajectory, experiencing several “firsts,” including her first solo exhibitions in Miami Beach and Los Angeles with “An Enigma” (2021) and “Still Waters Run” (2022), respectively. Earlier this year, “An impression that may possibly last forever” (2023) at ICA Milano in Italy became her inaugural institutional exhibition.

Having weathered the challenges of the pandemic, Ng’ok gained exposure with an online presentation at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London in 2020. Her official solo exhibition in the UK, titled “Chemu Ng’ok: The Longing” (June 1-Aug. 18), took place at Goodman’s London space, showcasing new paintings created during her residency at Gasworks.

Goodman Gallery, with locations in South Africa, New York, Cape Town, and Johannesburg, is collaborating with CENTRAL FINE in Miami Beach to represent Ng’ok. The gallery’s global presence aligns with Ng’ok’s growing international acclaim.

In a recent video discussing her art, Ng’ok revealed her process-oriented practice, emphasizing the unpredictability of her paintings’ outcomes. She described her work as a layered, emotional journey, expressing a craving for capturing elusive moments. Ng’ok articulated her fascination with the body as a vulnerable yet public space, rich with physical and psychological dimensions. She highlighted the diverse ways bodies, particularly those of color, occupy space based on geographical and feminist perspectives.

Ng’ok eloquently summarized her viewpoint, stating, “I feel like the body is such a fertile ground for contemplation, for ideas.” Her unique perspective and innovative artistic approach position Chemu Ng’ok as a rising star in the contemporary art scene, and Goodman Gallery is proud to represent her on this remarkable journey.

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