H&M South Africa Elevates Home Decor with Clout/SA Collaboration

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H&M South Africa has unveiled a groundbreaking partnership with local creative agency Clout/SA, ushering in a vibrant new era of homeware and decor accessories infused with authentic South African flair. This dynamic collaboration aims to celebrate local craftsmanship, sustainability, and cultural heritage while offering contemporary design at accessible price points.

H&M Home’s commitment to promoting South African design talent is evident in its existing partnerships with homegrown brands like Shopfox, Plantify, Botanicus, and Moodmakers. Now, Clout/SA has introduced a fresh roster of talents, including Naturalis, Modern Gesture, and Plantr, to the mix. These handpicked selections have been thoughtfully curated to seamlessly complement H&M’s stylish decor offerings while infusing them with a distinct Mzansi identity.

A South African Touch

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One standout participant in this collaboration is Naturalis, a Cape Town-based chair design and manufacturing company led by the visionary Sandalene Dale Roberts. Naturalis takes a forward-thinking approach by reinterpreting classic shapes, like the iconic South African school chair, with captivating pattern designs that breathe new life into these beloved staples.

Modern Gesture, spearheaded by the talented Candice Lawrence, offers a range of lighting solutions crafted from upcycled timber and woven elements, combining sustainability and style seamlessly. Meanwhile, Plantr adds a touch of greenery to homes across the country with their statement planters.

Sustainability and Local Craftsmanship

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The core principles of this collaboration revolve around sustainability and local craftsmanship. H&M South Africa and Clout/SA have made it their mission to introduce consumers to unique, eco-friendly, and culturally rich decor pieces, all while ensuring affordability remains a top priority.

Where to Find the Collections

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The collections from Clout/SA and other local brand partners are exclusively available at the standalone H&M HOME store, located on Level 6 in Sandton City shopping center. For those who prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes, these treasures can also be found online through Superbalist. Additionally, selected H&M stores across South Africa carry a range of H&M HOME products.

The collaboration between H&M South Africa and Clout/SA not only enriches the local design scene but also empowers South African designers to shine on the international stage. As the partnership continues to flourish, it promises to showcase the diverse and creative talents that South Africa has to offer, all while making stylish and sustainable decor accessible to all.

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In an age where home decor is more than just aesthetics but a reflection of values and heritage, H&M’s collaboration with Clout/SA sets a shining example for the industry, proving that fashion and design can be a powerful vehicle for celebrating local culture and preserving the planet.

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