Nigerian Art Student Chancellor Ahaghotu Breaks Guinness World Record With 100-Hour Painting Marathon

Chancellor Ahaghotu paints for 100 hours

In a remarkable display of artistic dedication, Nigerian art student Chancellor Ahaghotu has shattered a decade-old record for the longest painting session, as confirmed by Guinness World Records (GWR). Currently a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Georgia, Ahaghotu’s incredible achievement far exceeds the previous 60-hour record set by Belgian-Canadian artist Roland Palmaerts in 2013.

The painting marathon, lasting an intensive 100 hours, saw Chancellor producing an impressive total of 106 pieces. The diverse subjects of his creations included celebrities, food items, plants, animals, and much more.

GWR’s rules for the record allowed participants to either work on one large painting or create multiple pieces, provided they showcased recognizable images—abstract paintings were not permissible. At the 60th hour, surpassing the previous record, Ahaghotu painted a broken record player.

“One thing I love about the paintings I created is that they were representing my different moods and how I was feeling when I created them,” Chancellor shared.

image 2

During the marathon, participants are allowed a five-minute rest break for every continuous hour of activity, which can be accumulated if not taken. Chancellor faced fatigue around the 88-hour mark but remained committed to reaching his target of 100 hours, choosing not to consider prematurely ending the record attempt.

Initially planning to create one painting per hour, Ahaghotu had prepared 100 canvases with sketches. Surprisingly, he completed them all with a few hours to spare, leading him to produce a series of impromptu still lifes. The painting marathon concluded with a piece depicting an exhausted person.

image 3

“There was joy and celebration when I completed the 100 hours,” Chancellor said. “It was a new experience for me, and I’m so glad I completed the 100 hours. This [record] helps me feel a very high level of personal achievement, build up my career as a reputable artist, and pay a service to my school and country.”

Former Nigerian federal lawmaker Shehu Sani also applauded the global feat, stating, “Nigerians are taking over Guinness World Record.”

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