Nigerian-Canadian designer Lani Adeoye from Studio Lani Joins Jury for iF Design Award 2024

Lani Adeoye

In an exciting development for the design world, Lani Adeoye, the acclaimed Nigerian-Canadian designer behind Studio Lani, has been named as a jury member for the iF Design Award 2024. Known for her ability to blend modern design with traditional craftsmanship, Adeoye brings her unique perspective to the 70th edition of this prestigious competition.

The iF Design Award is a big deal globally, attracting nearly 11,000 entries from 56 countries last year. Owned by the non-profit iF Design Foundation, the award emphasizes the impact of design worldwide and uses a careful two-stage selection process with 131 design experts from over 20 countries.

Adeoye, who expressed her pride on Instagram, is excited to collaborate with 130 other designers from around the world. Her role involves evaluating and celebrating outstanding design achievements, making her an integral part of this renowned competition.

Studio Lani, Adeoye’s design brand, spans furniture, lighting, wearables, and assistance devices, creating timeless objects with a universal appeal. Despite being based in Lagos, Nigeria, Adeoye’s roots extend to Toronto, Montreal, and New York, reflecting her global perspective.

A graduate of McGill University with a background in corporate consulting, Adeoye later pursued her passion for design at Parsons School of Design, where she now teaches. Her diverse experiences and commitment to innovation make her an invaluable addition to the iF Design Award 2024 jury.

As we eagerly await the results of the iF Design Award 2024, Lani Adeoye’s involvement promises to bring a fresh perspective to the jury panel, celebrating outstanding designs that resonate globally.

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