Nigerian Visual Storyteller Taiwo Aina Receives Women Photograph Project 2024 Grant

Taiwo Aina

Taiwo Aina, a renowned Nigerian visual storyteller and filmmaker, has been awarded the prestigious Women Photograph Project Grant for 2024. Her compelling project, “Game of Confidence,” was selected from a pool of 1,100 applications submitted by women and nonbinary photographers from around the globe.

“Game of Confidence” delves into the lives of six female boxers in Lagos, showcasing their unique journeys and motivations. Esther Oni steps into the ring to build her self-confidence, while Olamide dreams of stardom. Eniola boxes to supplement her income, and Damiliola views the sport as a way to stay fit. Through these narratives, Aina’s project highlights themes of gender equality and women’s empowerment, illustrating the transformative power of boxing in these women’s lives and the challenges they face as professional athletes in one of the world’s largest cities.

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Taiwo Aina is known for her ability to capture real-life experiences with a focus on societal issues that impact daily life. Her work often centers on themes such as women’s rights, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. Aina’s powerful storytelling has been featured in esteemed publications including CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian UK, Anabelle Magazine, The Africa Report, and Reuters. Notably, her documentation of the “End SARS” movement was exhibited in Colorado, USA, and at Foto Wien 2022 in Austria, among other venues.

Aina is an active member of several prominent photography organizations, including Diversify Photo, Black Women Photographers, Indigenous Photograph, Authority Collective, and the African Photojournalism Database (APJD), a collaboration between World Press Photo and Everyday Africa.

Women Photograph, established in 2017, is a non-profit organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of women and nonbinary visual journalists. Their mission is to diversify the photojournalism community and ensure that the industry’s leading storytellers reflect the diversity of the communities they represent. The organization is particularly focused on supporting photographers of color and is committed to promoting inclusion and equity across all identities.

In addition to their project grants, Women Photograph offers a year-long mentorship program, annual skills-building workshops, and collects data on hiring and publishing trends in the visual media industry. Through these initiatives, they strive to create a more inclusive and equitable landscape for visual journalism.

Image Courtesy of the Artist

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