Orry Shenjobi Premieres Debut Cinematic Masterpiece “A wan Be” Celebrating African Art

Image courtesy of the artist

In a remarkable fusion of visual artistry and cinematic storytelling, Orry Shenjobi, a multidisciplinary artist, unveiled her debut short film titled “A wan Be.” The premiere, held at the prestigious Yenwa Art Gallery on Victoria Island, Lagos, marked a significant milestone in Shenjobi’s career as she ventured into the realm of film to celebrate African culture.

“A wan Be” offers a vibrant portrayal of Nigerian party culture, capturing the essence of celebration and community. Attendees at the premiere were treated to an excerpt of the film, which served as a tantalizing preview of Shenjobi’s upcoming exhibition at the Venice Biennale Art Festival in April 2024.

Shenjobi’s artistic endeavor is not merely a film but a celebration of African art in all its forms. Through her cinematic narrative, she provides viewers with a deeper understanding of the diverse artworks that will be showcased at the Venice Biennale. The film serves as a bridge between traditional art forms like painting and textiles, and the immersive experience of seeing culture come to life on screen.

Speaking at the event, Shenjobi expressed her passion for exploring new avenues of creative expression, citing her lifelong love for film and photography as the inspiration behind “A wan Be.”

“I am always trying to expand and develop my practice,” Shenjobi said. “Film and photography have been intertwined in my artistic journey since day one. This is my first foray into the world of film because I believe that to truly capture the essence of culture, people need to experience it beyond static art forms.”

Collaborating with a team of talented creatives including scriptwriter Femi Lawson, narrator Ireti Olutayo, sound engineer Moti Ogunsina, camera assistant Ramsey Ariguzor, and editor Ekene Amaonwu, Shenjobi brought her vision to life on screen. Their collective effort resulted in a captivating cinematic masterpiece that seamlessly blends elements of film and visual art.

The premiere was attended by distinguished guests, including Obi Asika, the recently appointed Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, who commended Shenjobi’s dedication to promoting the country’s cultural heritage through art.

As Shenjobi embarks on this new chapter in her artistic journey, “A wan Be” stands as a testament to her creativity and innovation. Through her visionary storytelling, she invites audiences to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of African artistry, transcending traditional boundaries and redefining the art of storytelling on screen.

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