Oshinowo Studio Founder Tosin Oshinowo Appointed Distinguished Jury Member for AZ Awards 2024


Renowned architectural firm Oshinowo Studio proudly reveals that its Founder and Principal, Tosin Oshinowo, has received the esteemed appointment as a distinguished jury member for the AZ Awards 2024. This announcement positions Oshinowo alongside global design luminaries for the highly anticipated event organized by Azure Magazine.

The AZ Awards, scheduled for March, stand as a significant platform to evaluate submissions and honor projects that epitomize exceptional innovation in global design and architecture. With Tosin Oshinowo now among the esteemed jury members, the anticipation for this year’s awards escalates, promising thrilling prospects in the realm of design recognition and celebration.

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The news of Tosin Oshinowo’s involvement as a jury member for the AZ Awards 2024 sparks excitement within the design community. There’s eager anticipation for the unveiling of this year’s winners, with the prospect of celebrating the exceptional talents that are shaping the future landscape of design and architecture on a global scale.

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