Oshinowo Studio Unveils The Iconic Home: A Modernist Masterpiece Redefining Multi-Generational Living

Iconic Home Virtual Showhouse Oshinowo Studio

In a collaboration between Architectural Digest and Black Interior Designers Inc., Tosin Oshinowo of Oshinowo Studio has unveiled “The Iconic Home” – a breathtaking virtual designer showhouse expertly rendered by The Boundary. Renowned for its historical success, this industry-wide initiative takes center stage this year, shedding light on the intricacies of multi-generational living.

image 18
Great room and bar

Architect Tosin Oshinowo, the visionary behind Oshinowo Studio, spearheaded the design of this year’s modernist-inspired home. Possessing a profound understanding of the required footprint and design elements to encapsulate an innovative, timeless space, Oshinowo brings a wealth of expertise to this project.

image 19
Kitchen, dining area, and pantry

“The Iconic Home Virtual Showhouse by Oshinowo Studio” embraces this year’s theme of multi-generational living, addressing the contemporary dynamics of familial structures. Amy Astley, AD’s global editorial director and US editor-in-chief, underscores the relevance of this theme, stating, “As more young adults and multiple generations find themselves under the same roof, our wholly original virtual experience celebrates intergenerational living, offering unique and creative inspiration for how people of all ages can seamlessly share a beautiful home.”

image 20
Mother-in-Law Suite Kitchen and Living Room

The virtual home tours provide an immersive experience, allowing visitors to virtually “walk” through the house and explore each designer’s distinctive perspective. Architectural Digest delves beyond the surface, offering in-depth insights into the architects, designers, and artists shaping the creative direction of “The Iconic Home.”

image 21

The return of “The Iconic Home” signifies not only a celebration of design and architecture but also a recognition of the evolving dynamics of family life. This innovative and forward-thinking initiative showcases how design can adapt and thrive in the face of changing societal norms, offering inspiration and ideas for creating homes that seamlessly accommodate different generations.

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