Oshinowo Studio’s Innovative Design Transforms Adidas Lagos Store into a Nigerian Masterpiece

adidas store lagos nigeria oshinowo studio

Oshinowo Studio, a renowned Nigerian architecture practice, recently unveiled the very first flagship store of sportswear giant Adidas in Lagos, Nigeria. Strategically situated in the bustling business district of Victoria Island, the store marks a fusion of Nigeria’s unique aesthetics and Adidas’s iconic global brand identity.

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The design concept aimed to encapsulate the essence of Lagos. Oshinowo Studio, previously recognized as CmDesign Atelier, drew inspiration from the simplicity of the corrugated roofing sheets. These sheets are a familiar sight throughout Lagos, especially prominent in the floating Makoko community on the Lagos lagoon.

“In our design, we wanted to convey both a local and global narrative. Recognizing Lagos’s robust upcycling and reuse culture was pivotal for this project,” articulated Tosin Oshinowo, the founder of Oshinowo Studio.

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Covering an expanse of 380 square meters, this Adidas store revives a 1970s concrete structure, complemented by a contemporary extension made of steel and glass. The facades of both the original building and its extension are distinctively cloaked in corrugated aluminium sheets, resonating with the city’s roofing style.

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“The facade serves as the bridge between the old and the new. It seamlessly integrates the corrugated screen of the original 1970s structure with the perforated corrugation of the new steel and glass extension,” explained Oshinowo. She also highlighted the facade’s design functionality: “The perforations offer a 45-50% transparency from a nine-meter viewing distance. This not only ensures a consistent look across the facade but also functions as a display window and allows ample sunlight inside.”

Enhancing its visual appeal, the facade features strips of LED lighting positioned next to the corrugation ridges. Oshinowo elucidated, “These lights, coupled with the corrugated sheets, conjure a dynamic illusion with an interactive quality. By using these fundamental materials, we’ve crafted a lively ensemble that salutes Lagos’s culture, innovation, and rebirth.”

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While the original building, which transitioned from a house to a bank in the 1990s, houses the store’s operational segments, the extension hosts the primary two-floor retail space.

Adding to the locale’s vibrancy, Oshinowo Studio introduced a half basketball court and a courtyard, both of which showcase the artistry of Nigerian graffiti artist Osa Okunkpolor. The store’s interiors are further enhanced by artworks from Ayoola Gbolahan and locally sourced materials for the furnishings.

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Oshinowo Studio, after its rebranding from CmDesign Atelier this year, is no stranger to impressive creations. They previously designed a minimalistic beach house on the Lagos peninsula and a “solid and porous” villa in Lagos. Oshinowo’s design prowess is further recognized as she will be curating the upcoming Sharjah Architecture Triennial later this year.

Project Credits:

  • Architect: Oshinowo Studio
  • Interior design and fit-out: Adidas
  • Photography: Tolu Sanusi.

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