Otobong Nkanga Named 2025 Nasher Prize Laureate for Sculpture

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The Nasher Sculpture Center proudly unveiled its choice for the 2025 Nasher Prize Laureate, celebrating the remarkable Nigerian/Belgian artist, Otobong Nkanga. This esteemed recognition marks a pivotal moment in the world of contemporary sculpture. Nkanga will be the first laureate to be honored in the newly established biennial format, a significant change aimed at affording both the museum and the artist additional time to showcase their works at the Nasher, create a comprehensive monograph, and articulate their significance in the realm of sculpture.

Under the revamped prize schedule, Otobong Nkanga is set to receive the prestigious award, designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, in a grand ceremony scheduled for April 5, 2025, at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. The occasion will be accompanied by a comprehensive exhibition of Nkanga’s work, allowing the public to delve deeper into her artistic narrative, as well as the release of a published monograph encapsulating her artistic journey.

Otobong Nkanga’s Remarkable Artistry

Otobong Nkanga is a multi-faceted artist who, through a diverse array of materials and techniques, explores the intricate and often delicate relationships that bind humans, the earth, and its resources. Her works traverse the realms of consumption, global circulation, connectivity, and care. Nkanga’s unique artistic language resonates with a global audience as it delves into pertinent issues that affect us all.

Born in Kano, Nigeria, in 1974, Nkanga spent her formative years in Lagos and Paris before establishing her artistic residence in Antwerp, Belgium. For over two decades, she has tirelessly crafted evocative pieces that shed light on themes of migration, the exhaustive use of planetary resources, and the interconnectedness of humanity and the land. Her enigmatic artistry is deeply rooted in extensive research into the geographical locations she draws inspiration from, often utilizing raw materials such as minerals, metals, stones, and plants to provoke novel interpretations, evoke latent memories, and forge emotional connections with her audience.

Nasher Sculpture Center Director, Jeremy Strick, aptly describes the profound impact of Nkanga’s creations, stating, “The work of Otobong Nkanga makes manifest the myriad connections – historical, sociological, economic, cultural, and spiritual – that we have to the materials that comprise our lives. Delving deeply into the variegated meanings these materials take on, Nkanga’s work makes clear the essential place of sculpture in contemporary life.”

Nkanga’s body of work continues to provoke contemplation and exploration, making her an exemplary choice for the 2025 Nasher Prize. Her artistic contributions resonate deeply with our interconnected world, forging a powerful bond between art and the human experience.

For further information about Otobong Nkanga and the 2025 Nasher Prize, please visit the Nasher Sculpture Center’s official website. The world awaits the profound impact this lauded artist will have on contemporary sculpture in the years to come.

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