Pearl Lam Galleries Welcomes Nigerian Artist Alimi Adewale to Global Representation

Alimi Adewale

In a significant move, Pearl Lam Galleries proudly announces the global representation of Nigerian artist Alimi Adewale, a visionary talent whose work transcends boundaries and resonates with a global audience. Adewale’s captivating creations will be showcased at ART SG 2024 and artgenève this January, marking a pivotal moment for both the artist and the prestigious gallery.

Pearl Lam Galleries, renowned for its commitment to fostering a vibrant and dynamic art scene, adds Adewale to its esteemed artist roster. The inclusion of Adewale underscores the gallery’s dedication to promoting diverse voices and cultivating a rich artistic dialogue that connects with the global art community.

Adewale’s latest series, titled ‘Figurative Fusion,’ serves as a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend diverse artistic elements, offering a novel perspective on the expressive potential of the human form in modern art. His artistic journey revolves around exploring African heritage, identity, and the human experience, inviting viewers to connect with Africa’s past, present, and future.

Employing mediums such as painting, sculpture, and installation, Adewale critically examines the impact of urbanization and the global economy on society. His work goes beyond aesthetics, delving into the depths of the African experience. The sculptures, in particular, cultivate the experiential function of art, incorporating elements of minimalism and abstraction to create a collection that is distinctly contemporary.

Adewale’s commitment to philanthropy and humanitarianism shines through as he has exhibited his work for charity in various homes and centers for abandoned children who are physically and mentally challenged. His art not only serves as a visual feast but also contributes to meaningful social causes.

Pearl Lam, the visionary founder of Pearl Lam Galleries, expresses her excitement about welcoming Adewale into the gallery’s fold. “He is an exceptional artist with a distinct voice who brings a fresh global perspective and new dynamics into the art world,” says Lam. She sees Adewale’s addition as an exciting development during a period of expansion for the gallery, anticipating collaborative growth and mutual support.

Adewale’s work, with its emphasis on fostering dialogue, cultural exchange, and celebrating the resilience of the African spirit, aligns seamlessly with Pearl Lam Galleries’ vision. As the gallery continues to extend its international reach, the representation of Alimi Adewale stands as a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and forge connections that celebrate the interconnectedness of humanity.

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