PUMA and Nando’s Spice Up Heritage Day with RS-Xtra Hot Sneaker Collaboration

PUMA x Nandos RS Xtra HOT 04

In a groundbreaking fusion of South African flair and global sportswear excellence, PUMA and Nando’s have unveiled their sizzling collaboration just in time for Heritage Day. The PUMA x Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot sneaker is set to ignite the sneakerhead scene and become a symbol of South African creativity and culture.

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Brett Bellinger, PUMA SA Marketing Director, expressed the profound sentiment behind this unique partnership, stating, “PUMA wanted to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa by partnering with an iconic local brand that could help us capture the essence of what it means to be South African. Bold. Fiery. Somewhat audacious and eternally optimistic. Who better to announce as our partner than Nando’s, the brand that has been a part of the social and cultural fabric of South Africa since 1987?”

The RS-Xtra Hot sneaker is a reimagined version of PUMA’s RS series, which originally launched in the 1980s. This tribute holds a special place in the hearts of many South Africans, as Nando’s, a proud Johannesburg-born brand, opened its first restaurant in Rosetenville 36 years ago and now boasts 1200 outlets across 22 countries.

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Jessica Wheeler, GM of Marketing for Nando’s, remarked, “To encapsulate the fiery spirit of South Africans is something we strive to do daily through our marketing activity and to reflect in our stores and our menu, but to have that embodied in a sneaker is just next level. Nando’s resonates deeply with the spirit of creativity, and we believe that creativity can be a force for good and for change.”

The PUMA RS series has a rich history as the world’s first wearable sports product and the world’s first smart shoe, continually evolving with new styles and collaborations since 2018, including partnerships with The Smurfs and Spongebob.

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The RS-Xtra Hot sneaker boasts a striking design, featuring a printed chili formstrip, the Nando’s PERi-ometer® showcasing heat levels, a heel cup with Nando’s sauce-inspired colors, and the PUMA logo in the iconic Nando’s font. Additionally, it incorporates the Nando’s signature Barci Cockerel and an insole paying homage to the iconic sauce bottle, all wrapped in Nando’s vibrant colors.

This collaboration marks a thrilling moment where two renowned brands from different worlds come together to celebrate South African heritage. The PUMA x Nando’s RS-Xtra Hot sneaker not only captures the essence of South Africa but also adds a fiery kick to the world of fashion and streetwear. As Heritage Day approaches, anticipation for this exciting release is heating up, promising to set the sneaker scene ablaze like never before.

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