Redevelopment of The John Randle Centre for Yoruba Culture and History In Lagos.


The John Randle Centre is a new kind of museum and will be a place of remembrance and reconnection for Yoruba and African people from Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, America and the Caribbean, as well as the rest of Nigeria, providing a vital injection of tourism to Lagos. 

The centre seeks to restore a public swimming pool built in 1928 by Dr John Randle with updated facilities and to create a centrepiece community building with a 1,000 square-metre exhibition gallery that tells the story of Yoruba history and culture through a journey from its origins, through present day, to the future. Both interventions are situated in a landscaped park, a homage to the 18th-century King George V Park, which was built in the last century. 

The Centre is actively collecting a broad range of items that will make it far from a traditional museum. It is being assisted by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments, and the National Museum Lagos in building the collections, along with private collectors. The John K. Randle Centre is playing a leading role in bringing Yoruba artefacts back from European institutions working in collaboration with the British Museum and the Pitt-Rivers Museum in the UK. 

Curators at the John K. Randle Centre are also actively engaging artists, authors, craftspeople, historians, and storytellers to bring the rich tangible and intangible Yoruba culture into the John K. Randle Centre.

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