Renowned Ghanaian Artist, Ibrahim Mahama becomes the first person to take trains to Northern Ghana.

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Renowned Ghanaian Artist, Ibrahim Mahama makes history as he buys some old Ghana trains to add to his collection at Red Clay Studios and becomes the first person to bring trains to northern Ghana.

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Revealing this in a tweet, the artist who is also the CEO of Savannah contemporary Art center (SCCA) and RedClay Studio said; “Taking history up north to build new histories. From Gold Coast Railways to Ghana Railways and beyond. Trains crossing River Pra at Beposo Western Region of Ghana”.

In a subsequent post, he said the abandoned trains will be converted into classrooms, communal spaces, libraries, and living spaces among others. 

He is known for his unique ability to create art out of what most people will consider junk.

From old materials including sacks, and old sewing machines among other things, Ibrahim Mahama the Artist has made a name worldwide with his distinct art which not only promotes Ghana but has historical significance.

In 2021, the artist made headlines after using proceeds from his 1 million USD artwork sales to buy some of Ghana’s old planes to create a museum and community space in Jenakpeng in the Northern Region.

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