SAOTA’s Upper Albert Project Garners Prestigious CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award

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In a significant acknowledgment of design prowess, SAOTA’s Upper Albert Project has been awarded the coveted CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award. Located on a challenging steep corner site, this distinctive project has been masterfully transformed into a family residence that seamlessly merges personal expression with architectural ingenuity.

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Philip Olmesdahl, who wore dual hats for this venture as both the architect and homeowner, leveraged a unique opportunity to redefine traditional design paradigms. Drawing from his extensive experience with SAOTA over the years, Olmesdahl adeptly infused his design with a harmonious blend of accumulated wisdom, whimsy, and experimentation. His innovative touch is a hallmark of the Upper Albert Project.

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Spanning five bedrooms and complemented with rental apartments, this project is not just a residential space but an architectural marvel that offers a captivating city vista. The design reflects Olmesdahl’s adeptness in reconciling an aesthetic that delves deep into materiality and heritage, all the while incorporating audacious aesthetics. In doing so, the Upper Albert Project stands as a testament to adaptive and innovative architectural responses to the ever-evolving urban fabric of the city, adding significant value to the suburban panorama.

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The CIfA Commendation for Architecture Award is not just a feather in the cap for SAOTA but also a recognition of the Upper Albert Project’s architectural brilliance. The award particularly highlights the project’s unmatched capability to harmonize practicality with imaginative design in a bustling urban backdrop.

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With such accolades under its belt, the Upper Albert Project has undoubtedly set a high bar for urban residential design. As the city skyline continues to evolve, this project will be looked upon as a benchmark in innovative architectural excellence.

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