Scent of Africa Triumphs with Gold at the 2023 NY Product Design Awards

Scent of Africa

The 2023 NY Product Design Awards recently concluded its inaugural competition season, unveiling the outstanding winners in a pool of more than 850 entries. The competition, which assessed submissions based on their potential to enhance daily life, celebrated the exceptional achievements of designers from various fields

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In a remarkable achievement, “Scent of Africa” clinched the coveted Gold award, a triumph that resonated not only with the team behind the fragrance but also with the entire nation of Ghana. This victory marked a significant milestone for the African perfume industry. The award-winning creation was conceived by Tanal Ghandour, featuring Bottle Design by Kurt Merki Jr and Branding & Packaging by Stéphanie Gazel.

Reflecting on their win, the “Scent of Africa” team expressed their pride and gratitude to the NY Product Design Awards organization for providing a prestigious platform to showcase their product to a global audience.

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The NY Product Design Awards were established with the noble objective of recognizing and promoting product designers whose creations contribute to making the world a better place. This competition, open to both professionals and enthusiasts, underscores the growing complexity of the consumer goods landscape in our increasingly integrated and interconnected world.

The International Awards Associate (IAA) assembled a distinguished panel of industry professionals as jurors to ensure impartiality and uphold rigorous assessment standards. Their task was to identify exceptional works among the submissions and bestow awards and recognition, with the aim of raising the industry’s standards of excellence. IAA also received nominations from esteemed professionals for consideration as jurors.

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“Scent of Africa” is a distinguished fragrance house hailing from Ghana, known for its commitment to using locally sourced African ingredients to showcase the continent’s rich heritage to the world.

The “Scent of Africa” Eternal Legends Collection pays homage to African mythology, offering a contemporary interpretation of these age-old traditions. The bottle design is a modern and unique representation of Africa’s roots, blending luxury aesthetics with avant-garde innovation. Each bottle is a sculptural masterpiece with a design that subtly reveals the map of Africa when viewed from above.

The brand’s core value, “Who I am is where I am from,” encourages individuals to reconnect with their origins, take pride in their heritage, and celebrate their history. The logo and emblem draw inspiration from the Sankofa symbol, signifying “back to your roots” in the Akan language of Ghana, elegantly rendered in gold and black.

Amongst fierce competition, “Scent of Africa” emerged victorious, capturing the hearts of the judging panel.

Thomas Brandt, spokesperson for the IAA, remarked, “As always, the NY Product Design Awards takes immense pride in serving as a platform to showcase and honor the exceptional work of designers, exemplified by ‘Scent of Africa.’ With the bar set higher each year, we eagerly anticipate the continued influx of outstanding submissions.”

The triumph of “Scent of Africa” at the 2023 NY Product Design Awards is a testament to the power of design to inspire and uplift, celebrating innovation, culture, and heritage on a global stage

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