The Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize Foundation Establishes the DALRO Visual Arts Merit Award: Empowering South African Artists

The Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize

The art world is set to witness a groundbreaking initiative as The Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize Foundation announces the establishment of The DALRO Visual Arts Merit Award, a beacon of hope for emerging South African artists. This award promises to be a transformative opportunity, offering a comprehensive nine-month residency program aimed at propelling the careers of young artists and amplifying their voices on a global scale.

Scheduled to commence from June 1, 2024, to March 31, 2025, the residency will provide the winning artist with a dedicated working studio at Ellis House in Johannesburg. Moreover, a materials stipend, framing budget, and a living stipend will be provided, ensuring that artists can fully immerse themselves in their craft without financial constraints.

The residency is designed to be a nurturing environment, with a rich schedule of crit-sessions, workshops, and exhibitions throughout the year. It’s not just about creating art but also about equipping artists with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of the art industry. From business registration to financial management and preparation for the secondary market, participants will receive invaluable guidance from industry experts.

A pivotal moment in the residency is the artist’s first solo exhibition, slated to be held at the esteemed DALRO Gallery in Johannesburg in March 2025. This exhibition will serve as a platform for the artist to showcase the body of work developed during the residency, marking a significant milestone in their artistic journey.

The call for applications is now open to young artists aged 21 to 35, urging them to seize this remarkable opportunity by visiting or To celebrate this prestigious collaboration, a group exhibition titled “Motions and Motives” is set to take place at the DALRO offices in Johannesburg.

“Motions and Motives” aims to foster a dialogue between DALRO and the visual arts community, emphasizing the importance of protecting artists’ rights under copyright laws. By encouraging artists to safeguard their works and advocating for their rights, DALRO seeks to strengthen its ties with the artistic community while championing the principles of fairness and integrity.

The exhibition provides a platform for artists to express their concerns regarding career longevity and legacy, ensuring that their voices are heard in discussions that impact their livelihoods. The collaboration between BNAP Foundation and DALRO marks a significant step towards safeguarding artists’ rights and promoting a thriving creative ecosystem.

The “Motions and Motives” group exhibition will open its doors on March 9, 2024, and will run until April 9, 2024. A public walkabout is scheduled for March 16, 2024, inviting art enthusiasts to engage with the thought-provoking works on display and join the conversation surrounding the future of the visual arts community in South Africa.

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