Thomas Fynn Celebrates African Culture with ‘Spirit Possession’ Exhibition in California

Thomas Fynn collaborates with U.S. photographer Thomas Appleton Lamb and textile artist Allyson Allen. (Image Credits: GNA)

Renowned Ghanaian photographer Thomas Fynn has brought his captivating exhibition, “Spirit Possession: Celebration of Ghanaian Faces, African Culture, and Heritage,” to the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) in Santa Ana, California. The cultural showcase, which runs from June 1 to June 29, 2024, highlights Ghana as a prime tourist destination and promotes cultural appreciation.

Thomas Fynn collaborates with U.S.-based photographer Thomas Appleton Lamb and master African-American textile artist Allyson Allen. This exhibition is part of the Juneteenth Celebration, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. The opening reception on June 1 drew about 650 attendees, setting a vibrant tone for the month-long event.

image 5
Installations at the “Spirit Possession” exhibition (Photo Credit: GNA)

A native of Moree, Ghana, Thomas Fynn serves as the Executive Director of FYNNexhibits and is dedicated to preserving and promoting Ghana’s cultural diversity and natural beauty. His exceptional contributions to the arts have earned him numerous awards, including the prestigious World Master Award in Arts and Culture in 2010.

Fynn and Lamb have a longstanding professional relationship spanning over 30 years, beginning with a USAID project for Kakum National Park in 1990. Meanwhile, Allen, an award-winning artist, has showcased her unique textile art globally for over three decades, contrasting traditional Ghanaian fabrics with contemporary textiles.

The exhibition’s diverse themes, ranging from ancient historic monuments to ethno-cultural presentations and ecotourism, aim to spotlight Ghana as a preferred tourist destination and boost its economic growth. Prior to the California event, Fynn and Lamb, in collaboration with the Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana (CLOGSAG), hosted the exhibition in Accra from April 22 to April 26, 2024.

image 4
Installations at the “Spirit Possession” exhibition (Photo Credit: GNA)

As part of the preparations for the OCCCA exhibition, Fynn and Lamb embarked on a 14-day tour of six regions in Ghana in June 2023, with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ghana Tourism Authority, and CLOGSAG. The tour covered the Greater Accra, Ashanti, Northern, Central, Western, and Eastern Regions.

Allen, recognized as a Master African-American Quilt and Doll Artist, has been exhibiting and teaching quilting, doll making, and altered book art for thirty years. Her works have been featured in galleries, museums, and embassies worldwide.

The “Spirit Possession” exhibition not only celebrates Ghanaian culture but also fosters cross-cultural appreciation and understanding, reinforcing the significance of preserving and promoting African heritage globally.

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