Top 4 Art Fairs to Attend in Africa in 2024

investec cape town art fair

Art fairs serve as vibrant platforms for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to converge, celebrate creativity, and explore the diverse narratives shaping contemporary African art. In 2024, Africa offers a rich tapestry of art fairs, showcasing a myriad of talents and perspectives. Here are the top four art fairs you wouldn’t want to miss:

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Courtesy 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

1. 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair (Marrakech, Morocco)

From February 8th to 11th, 2024, Marrakech will once again host the acclaimed 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. This edition marks a significant expansion, with a second location at DaDa, underscoring the fair’s commitment to the dynamic Marrakech art scene. Featuring specially curated content, events, and partnerships, 1-54 promises an enriching experience that celebrates groundbreaking contemporary art by emerging and established artists. With dedicated programming and curated selections, this fair invites attendees to immerse themselves in Marrakech’s rich cultural landscape.

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Courtesy Investec Cape Town Art Fair

2. Investec Cape Town Art Fair (Cape Town, South Africa)

Celebrated as Africa’s largest art fair, Investec Cape Town Art Fair is a nexus of creativity, attracting over 100 exhibitors, 25,000 visitors, and 6,500 VIPs annually. From February 16th to 18th, 2024, this illustrious event will host its 11th edition under the theme “Unbound.” Embracing boundless imagination and limitless potential, the fair promises to challenge traditional narratives and inspire innovation. It offers a unique opportunity for galleries, collectors, curators, and artists worldwide to connect and engage at the forefront of contemporary art.

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Courtesy FNB JoburgArtFair

3. FNB JoburgArtFair (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Returning for its 17th edition from September 6th to 8th, 2024, FNB JoburgArtFair reaffirms its status as Africa’s leading contemporary art fair. Held at the Sandton Convention Centre, this renowned event showcases the best in contemporary African art, fostering connections between artists, galleries, and collectors. Divided into specialized sections such as gallery HUB, gallery LAB, MAX, ETC, AUX, and ORG, the fair offers a comprehensive exploration of the evolving African art landscape. Through immersive programming and educational initiatives, FNB JoburgArtFair remains committed to audience and collector development, making it a must-attend event for art enthusiasts.

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Courtesy Art X

4. Art X Lagos (Lagos, Nigeria)

Set against the dynamic backdrop of Lagos, Art X Lagos has emerged as a cornerstone of the African art market since its inception in 2016. From October 31st to November 3rd, 2024, the fair will bridge the gap between continent-based and diasporic artists, showcasing the diverse talents of over 40 artists and galleries. Leveraging Lagos’s vibrant gallery scene and burgeoning collector base, Art X Lagos promises an immersive experience that celebrates African creativity and fosters cultural exchange.

In conclusion, these top art fairs in Africa offer unparalleled opportunities to engage with diverse artistic expressions, forge meaningful connections, and celebrate the vibrancy of contemporary African art. Whether in Cape Town, Lagos, Marrakech, or Johannesburg, art lovers are sure to be inspired by the creativity and innovation showcased at these esteemed events.

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