Ada Contemporary Art Gallery Presents The Allegory Of A Seeker by Abdur Rahman Muhammad

Abdur Rahman Muhammad, Infinite Reveries, Oil on canvas, 2024.

ADA Contemporary Art Gallery proudly presents “The Allegory of a Seeker,” a solo exhibition by Ghanaian artist, Abdur Rahman Muhammad, running from April 25th to June 2nd, 2024.

Abdur Rahman Muhammad’s art is a blend of Ghana’s history, what’s happening today, and the rhythmic flow of rap music. He wants you to look at his paintings and think about the stories of people moving, feeling disappointed, and still having hope.

In his artwork, Muhammad tackles tough topics like not having jobs, not getting a good education, being poor, and feeling let down by the government. Instead of just running away from these problems, which is what “Japa” means, he faces them head-on, using them to fuel his creativity.

One of his paintings, “The Allegory of a Seeker,” is inspired by real people he knows who keep trying even when life is tough. They have big dreams, and Muhammad uses bold colors and thick paint to show these dreams shining through, even in difficult times.

Muhammad’s paintings mostly show people, using a special technique that makes them look real. He also adds layers of meaning with flat backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry of stories for viewers to explore.

He also talks about a bag called “Ghana Must Go.” In the past, people had to leave Ghana quickly, and they used these bags. At first, people thought of them as symbols of trouble, but Muhammad changes their colors to show that they can also represent hope for a better future.

Muhammad wants people who see his art to think about improving their lives, even when things are hard. “The Allegory of a Seeker will be on view until June 2, 2024.


Abdur Rahman Muhammad is a young artist from Ghana who has been painting for over six years. His art tells the stories of young people in Ghana who chase their dreams despite facing tough challenges. He is part of a group of Ghanaian artists called Artemartis, and his work is shown and collected worldwide.


ADA Contemporary Art Gallery in Accra, Ghana, showcases emerging African artists and diaspora artists. Established in 2020 by Adora Mba, ADA is dedicated to nurturing the continent’s contemporary art community and sharing its talent with the world through exhibitions, projects, commissions, talks, and international art fairs.

For more information, contact Henrika Amoafo at or visit ADA at Villaggio Vista, North Airport Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana

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