Esther Mahlangu Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award for Iconic BMW Collaborations

BMW Group South Africa presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Esther Mahlangu at South African Creative Arts Awards.

Esther Mahlangu, the revered South African artist renowned for her fusion of traditional Ndebele painting with modern automotive design, has been honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by BMW Group South Africa. The accolade was bestowed upon her at the inaugural South African Creative Arts Awards (SACA) held at the Sandton Convention Centre on March 30th.

Minister Zizi Kodwa of the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture, introduced the SACA last year, with the aim of recognizing individuals who exhibit remarkable artistic and technical achievements in the arts and culture sector. Mahlangu’s 50-year career stood as a testament to her exceptional contributions to contemporary art, leading to her selection for this distinguished award.

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Esther Mahlangu ©: Artist

Mahlangu’s collaboration with BMW Group South Africa spans over three decades, marking a significant partnership in the realms of both art and automotive innovation. In 1991, she made history as the 12th Art Car artist chosen by BMW Group, becoming the first African and female artist commissioned to create a BMW Art Car. Her design on the BMW 525i Art Car garnered global attention for seamlessly integrating traditional Ndebele elements into automotive design, setting a precedent for future collaborations between art and industry.

The retrospective exhibition titled “Then I Knew I Was Good at Painting: Esther Mahlangu,” curated by Nontobeko Ntombela, celebrates Mahlangu’s creative journey. It showcases her iconic BMW 525i Art Car, which returns to South Africa after more than three decades, alongside other significant works that highlight her cultural identity and artistic evolution.

Thilosh Moodally, Director of Government Affairs and Communications at BMW Group South Africa, expressed gratitude for Mahlangu’s groundbreaking contributions, emphasizing the importance of recognizing her achievements. Moodally remarked, “To witness a living icon – one who has contributed significantly to the innovation that we so greatly believe in – is truly precious.” She extended thanks to Minister Kodwa for introducing the awards ceremony, underscoring its inspirational impact on both the nation and beyond.

Esther Mahlangu’s recognition with the Lifetime Achievement Award not only celebrates her individual achievements but also signifies the enduring partnership between artistic expression and industrial innovation, exemplified by her transformative work with BMW Group South Africa.

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