Plans Revealed for Atelier Masōmī’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center in Liberia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Presidential Center for Women and Development in Monrovia, Liberia, is set to become an architectural and cultural icon with the release of its design plans by atelier masōmī. This all-female project boasts exhibition designs from Counterspace’s Sumayya Vally and contributions from local architect Karen Richards Barnes.

Launched on International Women’s Day in 2020, the center aims to further the EJS Center’s objectives by featuring workshops, office spaces, exhibition galleries, a café, and a library. A significant attraction will be the personal and professional archives of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize-winning former President of Liberia.

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Speaking on the design concept, Mariam Kamara, founder of atelier masōmī, commented, “The design mirrors Liberia’s rich history, cultural, and architectural heritage. The project emphasizes the adversities faced and the inspiration drawn from visionary leaders like Madam Sirleaf. As the first female Head of State in Africa, Madam Sirleaf’s unifying efforts, especially among women, greatly influenced the center’s conceptual vision. We strived to create a building that embodies her humility, dedication, cultural authenticity, and visionary leadership.”

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Drawing inspiration from Liberia’s traditional pavala hut designs, the center will feature four pitched roof volumes interconnected by aerating courtyards. The sustainable design integrates locally-sourced materials, including raw earth bricks, fired clay bricks, rubber wood, and woven palm leaves. Local plantlife has also been incorporated for stormwater collection, adding a touch of nature to the surroundings.

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Sustainability lies at the heart of this project. To combat Monrovia’s notorious electricity shortages, the design focuses on natural light, with skylights and windows reducing dependence on artificial lighting. Natural ventilation ensures a comfortable environment, reducing the need for artificial cooling. Coupled with solar panels, these features make the center a model for sustainable design in the region.

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In a concluding press statement, it was highlighted that “The project aims to be a global standard-bearer, inspiring self-pride and optimism, particularly among Liberians.”

As of now, project timelines remain undisclosed.

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